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Project Spotlight: Brazos River Authority, Texas – Fort Worth, Dallas, and Houston areas 


The Brazos River and its tributaries begin as a trickle in the west and gain momentum as the river heads south. By the time it reaches the Gulf of Mexico, the Brazos River basin has provided billions of gallons of water each year for cities, agriculture, industry and mining. Recreational opportunities – such as boating, swimming and fishing – are abundant.  The Brazos River Authority installed Trident Actuators in the Fort Worth, Dallas and Houston area. 

The Solution:

  • SNWA 2530 B
  • Model 3500
  • 36” 300 Lb Cone Valve
  • Service Pump Control Valve

The Result:

  • Operating since 2003
  • Control of a raw water pump station pumping pre-treated freshwater coming from the river

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