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Project Spotlight: NYCDEP Paerdegat Pump Station, New York

The Challenge:

  • Located in a classified area where explosive gases are an issue 
  • Rodney Hunt modulating gate that measures the flow coming in, and it balances at a certain level – discharging as little as possible
  • If there is a rain event, the actuator and gate regulate the amount of water discharged during wet weather events – the most minimal amount of water possible should be discharged due to regulatory standards and is a critical operation

The Solution:

  • Model 3000 Fail-Set
  • NEMA 7 design
  • Service Open Close Throttling

The Result:

  • Long-term operation of a critical application (since 1998), still operating today
  • Modulating valve which is constantly moving, meaning the actuator MUST be RELIABLE.

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